Front Line Demonstration for the year 2013-14    What is it.>>>.?
CropThematic area Technology tobe Demonstrated Season and year
Rice Water Management System of rice intensification Kharif
Paddy Reclamation Effect of broadcasting method of Lime application on yield. Kharif
Maize var. hybrid maize Cropping system Scientific package of practices for growing hybrid Maize intercropping with legumes Kharif
Pea Seed production Cultivation with recommended package of practices Rabi
Pea Product performance Scientific package of practices and use of bio-organic formulation for increasing yield in pea Rabi
Potato Introduction and popularization of HYV of potato Scientific package of practices Kharif
Cauliflower Seed production Scientific package of practices Rabi
Vegetable crops Cropping System Kitchen garden Kharif
Front Line Demonstration for the year 2013-14 of Extension
Sl. No.Thematic Area Technology /Crops/Cropping System Source and Year
1 Formation of Groups Reviving and capacity building of non functional SHGs under SGSY scheme in Mylliem C & RD Block ZPD, ICAR, Zone III, 2009
2 Others: Cropping intensity Production of minikits for popularization of kitchen garden ZPD, ICAR, Zone III, 2009