Host Organization

  1. Production technology for Kharif Cereals (Paddy, Maize).

  2. Oilseeds (Groundnut, Soybean) and Pulses (Blackgram, cowpea).

  3. Organic farming through Vermicomposting and green manuring.

  4. Intercropping (Groundnut+Soybean, Maize+Soybean, Maize+Cowpea) and double cropping of Rice.

  1. Production technology of Rhizomatous crops (Turmeric, ginger).

  2. Nursery raising for winter vegetables.

  3. Protected cultivation of vegetables/flowers.

  4. Value addition of crops like tomato, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower through cultivation of early varieties.

  5. Production of low volume and high value crops.

  6. Off-season vegetables

  7. Exotic vegetables production.

  8. Production export potential vegetables.

  9. Pruning.

  10. Cultivation of fruit crops.

  11. Rejuvenation of old orchards.

  12. Cultivation of export potential fruits.

  13. Plant propagation techniques.

Ornamental Plants
  1. Nursery management.

Plantation crops
  1. Production and management technology(Tuber crops and Spices).

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  1. Integrated nutrient management.

  2. Micro nutrient deficiency in crops.

Livestock Production and Management
  1. Dairy Management.

  2. Poultry Management.

  3. Piggery Management.

  4. Disease Management.

  5. Feed Management.

Plant protection
  1. Controlling soft rot of ginger through Integrated Disease Management.

  2. Safe use of fungicides and insecticides.

  3. Integrated Pest Management.

  4. Disease management.

  5. Bio-control of pests and diseases.

  6. Production of bio-control agents and bio pesticides.

  1. Integrated fish farming.

Production of inputs at site
  1. Seed production.

  2. Vermicompost production.

Capacity Building and group dynamics
  1. Leadership development at villages.

  2. Enterpreneurial development of farmers/youth.

Rural youth
  1. Protected cultivation of vegetable crops.

  2. Repair and maintenance of farm machinery and implements.

  3. Nursery management of horticulture crops.

  4. Training and pruning of orchards.

  5. Piggery.

  6. Poultry production.