Staff Position
Name Designation Areas of specialization  Contact No Email-id
Mrs. Iadahunlang Kharkongor Senior Scientist and Head Horticulture 9436118346 iadakharkongor[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Shanmebansan Marbaniang SMS (Extension) Extension Education 9863288467 seanmay.or.b[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Rike Chelchak A. Sangma SMS (Agronomy) Agronomy 9862319349 Kvkekhup[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Ms. Bakordalin Chyne SMS (Plant Protection) Plant Protection 9862450622 bchyne9[at]gmail[dot]com
Mrs. Aibanrihunlang Lyngdoh SMS (Horticulture) Horticulture 8974004924 a_lyng3[at]yahoo[dot]com
Mr. Samborlang Malngiang SMS (Fishery) Fishery 9863328436 sam.icarneh[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Baiaishahlang Syiemlieh Farm Manager BSc. Agri 8974233660 iaishah.c[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Koles Andrias Muktieh Programme Assistant(Computer) Computer Application 9615138490 kmuktieh[at]gmail[dot]com
Shri. Friday Ramde Driver VIII 9856629725 -
Shri. Fredy Nongneng MR XII 9774567265 -
Ms. Marbakordor Myrthong MR BA 8575694736 -