Success Story of Cauliflower seeds production

After assessing the problems and condition in the field, the KVK officials met with few of the progressive farmers in the village and motivated them to form a Self Help Group named “Iabeitlang SHG” with 10 members. A progressive farmer, Smti. Skodora Kharkrang is the President of this group and under her, the group functioned effectively and after a few months, the KVK decided to provide training and method demonstration on seed production technology in cauliflower. As part of this venture, the KVK was also able to provide a low cost polyhouse to the group with funding from Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) to the tune of 1.70 lakhs. From their part, each farmer contributed Rs. 1110 for the inputs and labour charges during the entire production process.

Through this demonstration unit of polyhouse measuring 100 square metres having a plant population of 112 numbers of plant, 1.5 kgs of seed was produced with an average yield of 10 grams per plant at the rate of Rs. 400 per 10 grams of seed bringing a net return of Rs 44,800.00 to the members of the group. In effect, with a mere contribution of Rs. 1110, each farmer was able to gain three fold of their investment in the first year itself and thus, giving them an alternate income generation source. The members of “Iabeitlang SHG” will also act as resource persons for farmer to farmer Technology dissemination through this demonstration unit.