Success Story of Maize and French Bean Intercropping

In the year 2012, Vijay Composite variety of maize was provided to the farmer for cultivation with Selection 9 French bean variety in a plot of land. For this cause, trainings were conducted and standard practices were demonstrated in the field where the farmer sowed the maize seeds in lines with regular spacing of row to row and plant to plant with 1:1 ratio of Maize and French bean. The importance of nutrient management in the field was emphasized to the farmer and recommended practices was encouraged.

The introduction of intercropping of French Bean with Maize has brought about smiles to this particular progressive farmer as she has been able to consolidate her income level from the harvest of two crops from the same area at different times during the year. An average of 3.2 tonnes per hectare of maize was harvested at a rate of Rs. 12 per kg with a return of Rs. 43532.00. The average yield of french bean was 6.7 tonnes per hectare at a rate of Rs. 20 per kg giving a return of Rs. 133960.00. The total cost of cultivation for both the crops was Rs. 58948.72 and the net return was Rs. 113543.28 with a Benefit cost ratio of 3.01. The introduction of intercropping French bean in maize proved successful where French bean provided a good source of additional income apart from the main crop and this motivated the farmer to continue this practice in the following years. Witnessing the success of this practice, other farmers in the vicinity of Smti. Shopsimai’s farm are willing to follow this intercropping.